Birmingham’s Graduates Given a Flying Start

Graduate entrepreneurs event
Graduate entrepreneurs event

4th December, 2009

Graduate entrepreneurs aiming to start their own business can visit Birmingham’s FlyingStart: Make It Happen event to help turn their ideas into reality.

Over 150 graduates have already signed up to the free event at Aston University next Wednesday (December 9th) from 3pm to 6pm.

The event will provide advice through workshops, speakers and business mentors and an opportunity to network with fellow entrepreneurs. It is the first step in a 12 month programme for those who want to progress their business idea, which will include free support from the highly experienced mentors.

The Birmingham event is one of 50 such events happening across the country.  In total, 5,000 graduates will get the opportunity to attend as a result of an extra £1 million investment by the Government aimed at inspiring businesses start-up.

David Lammy, Minister for Higher Education, said: “The skills and talents of Birmingham’s young people are essential as we build a stronger Britain. It will be their enterprise and entrepreneurship which will give us and them the competitive edge we need. In the last downturn household names such as Green and Blacks chocolate and eBay were created by young entrepreneurs. We are harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit of our new generation of graduates, providing opportunities for 5,000 to explore starting up their own business.

Since July 2005, the FlyingStart programme, run by the National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship, has been successful in starting up 432 businesses, holding 469 workshops and offering 816 hours of training/support.

The event will be held in the main building of Aston University in room 568-574, taking place from 3pm to 6pm on Wednesday 9th December.

For more information or to attend the event, please contact Jennifer Smith on 07717768099 or log onto www.flyingstartonline.com/makeithappen.


Notes to editors

  1. Launched in 2005 by the National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship (NCGE), FlyingStart aims to inspire final year university students to think seriously about starting a business. FlyingStart comprises of a one-day "inspirational event" followed by a three day training programme for those students demonstrating commitment to start a business. The NCGE is funded by BIS, and has recently received additional funding from the Department to introduce a new initiative, "FlyingStart: Make It Happen". Based on 'traditional' FlyingStart, Make It Happen targets graduates seeking to encourage them to become self-employed.
  2. Entrepreneurial activity is significantly higher among those with a graduate or post-graduate qualification, and while entrepreneurial activity for those in full-time education is lower than for the population as a whole, there appears to be a greater desire amongst those in full-time education to start a business in the future.
  3. The FlyingStart: Make It Happen Scheme sits alongside the thousands of other opportunities available to new graduates that will help them improve their chances to get a long term and well paid career.
  4. Those graduates who register a commitment to pursue a self employment programme, a business start up programme or pursue another option like an internship will be entitled to support and guidance for the following 12 months. 

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