April news release archive

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British Science Festival returning to Birmingham in 2010 - 2nd April

The British Science Festival – one of Europe’s largest public science events - will be coming to Birmingham in September 2010, the British Science Association and Aston University jointly announced today.

Natural born leaders - 3rd April

The behaviours that drive leadership style are linked to our genes, this is the finding of a study presented at the British Psychological Society Annual Conference in Brighton, last week.

Universities to help businesses through downturn - 9th April

Aston University in Birmingham has received £1m in extra government funding to offer much needed support to businesses in the West Midlands hit by the recession.  

Aston research team to explore anti-oxidant benefits of UK grown rosemary - 17th April

The benefits of UK grown rosemary are set to be explored, and with it the potential to create a new genre of renewable bio-based antioxidants.

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