Biz tv create video to promote launch of country’s first ocular allergy centre

4 July 2008 – for immediate release

Biz TV, part of Aston Media, have created a video to promote the launch of the country’s first Ocular Allergy Centre, based at Aston University, Birmingham.

This pioneering collaboration, part of the Birmingham Science City initiative, has enabled the launch of the £249,000 centre and will make the West Midlands the national leader in an emerging area. £183,000 of this funding was provided by Advantage West Midlands.

The investment sees a pooling of resources by two regional centres of excellence – the anterior eye expertise of Aston University’s Academy of Life Sciences (AALS)/Optometry Programme – the largest in the UK – and the University of Worcester’s National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit (NPARU).

Dr Andrew Todd, Strategic Technology Transfer Officer at Advantage West Midlands, said: ‘This collaboration will improve understanding of what treatments work well in different conditions, develop new treatments and set up the UK’s first Ocular Allergy Centre. Local businesses such as optometrists and pharmacists can develop their businesses through engaging in the project and improving their knowledge and skills. This will lead to improved advice and better treatment for sufferers.’

Professor James Wolffsohn agreed and responded, ‘Ocular allergy is a large and growing problem, causing a loss in productivity as well as considerable discomfort to many. The new centre will help to identify the cause of individual’s allergy and how this can be best managed, as well as developing new treatment strategies.’

You can view the video online at www.biz-tv.net or www.ideasforlife.tv .


For further press information regarding the Centre activity please contact Hannah Brookes on 0121 204 4549.

Notes to Editors:

Advantage West Midlands is one of nine Regional Development Agencies in England whose role is to provide leadership and action to create more, better jobs and an improved quality of life for all in the West Midlands.

Birmingham Science City is a widely drawn partnership of industry, business, education and the public sector, working together to establish the West Midlands region as a centre for world-class scientific research. By building on the region’s well established reputation for innovation; working closely with the knowledge base and bringing partners together through supported projects and communications, Birmingham Science City aims to promote the value of science and innovation in improving lives.

Biz TV is part of the Business and Learning Connections project funded by Advantage West Midlands and managed by Aston Media for Aston University.

For more information please visit www.birminghamsciencecity.co.uk or contact Alison Rowan, Press & Media Relations Manager at a.rowan@warwick.ac.uk or on 07876 218166.


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