Aston students enjoy Tata Group Quiz success

Tata Quiz success
16 December 2008

 A prestigious quiz hosted by the Tata Group, brought together the best student business brains and saw Aston University students secure an impressive top four finish. 

Business undergraduate, Volodymyr Ivanchenko and Arken Nurgali, Combined Studies, competed against 300 other students, including teams from Oxford, Cambridge and London Business School, across two rounds of questioning for a potential £10,000 in prize money. 

All teams took part in a preliminary written round of 25 questions, out of which eight top teams were invited on stage for a gruelling six live rounds of business knowledge including global markets, corporate affairs and branding.


The overall £5,000 first prize was scooped by the London Business School with Aston University enjoying fifth spot and a range of prizes including two camcorders.
Twenty-year-old, Arken, from Kazakhstan and on a Bolashak Scholarship said the event, held at Imperial College London, had proved an exciting challenge.
‘It was a very competitive quiz, based on a range of global questions which really put us to the test. It was a great experience.’

Volodymyr, 20, from Ukraine added; ‘We enjoyed the challenge, it required excellent team work and collaboration and a sound knowledge of economics, organisational behaviour and global business knowledge. We really enjoyed the day and our top four finish against such prestigious university teams.’

The Tata Group, the largest Indian employer in the UK, includes well-known brands such as Tata Motors (including Jaguar Land Rover), Tetley Tea, Quilon and The Bombay Brasserie.
Anwar Hasan, Managing Director of Tata Limited, said that the Tata Quiz, already an established event in the Indian and Singapore University Calendar had proved a real success.
‘At Tata, we believe that business should play a proactive role in engaging with young people and I’m delighted that this inaugural UK event has proved to be such a hit,’ he said.

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