Aston researcher wins fellowship for ‘excellent scientists and engineers’

20 September 2007

Dr Elena Turitsyna from the School of Engineering & Applied Science has recently been awarded a prestigious research fellowship from The Royal Society.

The Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship offers the first step to an independent research career for excellent scientists and engineers. The recipients of this highly esteemed award are usually women scientists who have completed their PhD and are at an early stage of their career. It recognises those who require career flexibility, for example for parental/caring responsibilities.

Having joined the Photonics Research Group at Aston in 2000 as a Research Assistant, Elena completed her PhD programme in June this year. She originally started her PhD after being encouraged by the University’s Professor Ian Bennion, who was always highly supportive of her work.

Elena returned to research after a 17 year break since graduation. With no opportunity to partake in full time research work, she tried to dedicate as much time as possible to part-time research, whilst bringing up four children with her husband. Her dedication and excellence in securing this Fellowship was rewarded over numerous high-calibre competitors.

The fellowship covers salary costs and research expenses over a period of four years, as well as supporting travel costs for conferences. During the award period, recipients are also encouraged to collaborate internationally and make visits abroad.

‘You can imagine how overwhelmed I was after receiving this award. I just could not stop smiling. I am very happy and extremely grateful to everyone from the University who shared my joy and wished me further success in my research,’ said Elena.

‘I am very proud to be working at the Photonics Research Group at Aston University,’ she continued.

Dr Turitsyna puts her enthusiasm to continue her research down to the encouraging environment in Photonics at Aston and a number of women in the Research Group , particularly Dr Kate Sugden, Dr Sonia Boscolo, and Professor Lin Zhang. Elena has always regarded them as ‘true women-scientists’, and her pride at being a member of this group will no doubt spur her on to carry on the success of the University and the Photonics Research Group in the future.


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