First youth relay for Cancer Research UK is held at Aston University

19 March 2007 – for immediate release

England’s first youth relay for Cancer Research UK was recently held at Aston University, raising an approximate figure of �9,000.

Students circled round the campus lake non stop for 24 hours in teams of 10 – 12 from 12 midday on Saturday 17 March through to 12 midday on Sunday 18 March. The campus saw tents pitched around the lake as members from each of the six teams took it in turns for rest throughout the night while the others kept going.

The first lap was dedicated to cancer survivors, with members of the public who have survived cancer taking part, including Lady Susan Cadbury. The remaining laps were dedicated to loved ones lost through cancer and provided a time to reflect on hope for the future.

Candles were placed around the lake with personal messages and dedications to lost loved ones. A display of candles spelling ‘hope’ was also re-arranged to spell ‘cure’ to symbolise the reasons for carrying out the event, to raise money in search of a cure.

The event started with a ceremony which included a speech from Carol Milligan, UK Manager for Cancer Research UK Relay for Life, and other members of the Raise And Give (RAG) Committee and Aston University, followed by live music throughout the day.

The idea for the event was first established when the RAG committee were approached by Cancer Research UK to develop the concept for the UK’s first youth relay last year.

Aston University have fully supported the excellent work carried out by the Students’ Guild RAG Committee, with many students and staff sponsoring and attending the event.

‘We are really pleased with the support we have had in making the first youth relay in England for Cancer Research UK possible. Everyone has worked really hard in making this possible,’ said Colin Shaw, RAG Events Officer for Aston University Students’ Guild and Relay For Life Chair.

The Aston Guild also recently awarded students for their achievements in clubs and societies at the recent Guild’s Colours. Members of RAG and the Relay committees were rewarded for their hard work throughout the year. So far more than �50, 000 has been raised and RAG is on target to raise �65, 000 after the Relay and other organised events have taken place.


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