Engineering scholarships let loose

27 September 2006 – for immediate release

The School of Engineering & Applied Science at Aston University is offering a limited number of scholarships to support postgraduate engineering students who possess great potential and talent. This is in addition to their offer of a ten per cent discount to all graduates of Aston who choose to embark on any of the School’s innovative MSc programmes. The scholarships, however, are available to both Aston and non-Aston graduates from the UK and EU.

Students can apply for the scholarships with the following programmes:

The MSc in Mechanical Engineering (Modelling) offers a set of excellent curricula in highly sought-after engineering and scientific subjects. Computational modelling has become an essential part of mechanical engineering. The manufacturing sector has been experiencing a significant uptake of computational engineering technologies, increasing its competitiveness on the global market. For students interested in succeeding in this sector, this new programme is invaluable as a means of acquiring expertise in these new and advanced technologies.

The MSc in Chemical Process Technology takes a multi-disciplinary approach with a base in chemical engineering. It brings together expertise in chemistry, physics, mathematics and equipment engineering. It also covers project management as well as economic and environmental aspects of process and product development. The course enables students to enhance their portfolio of skills by specialising in management, polymer engineering, bio-energy and bio-products, or material and sports science, and offers an excellent opportunity to work in a first-rate research environment.

The MSc in Polymer Engineering and Science addresses the fundamental principles of polymer engineering and science. Jointly offered by Aston University and the University of Birmingham, this MSc is diverse in its coverage and equips graduates for an exciting industrial career in a vast array of polymer application industries including plastics and rubber, novel biomedical applications, telecommunications, and sports materials. It draws on complementary, cutting-edge research carried out by leading academics in these two prestigious universities.

Both the MSc in Internet Technology and the MSc in Telecommunications Technology are designed in partnership with the UK’s leading telecommunications organisations and companies, and have the full support of the EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council). With telecommunications technologies and the internet becoming the cornerstone of modern economic development, these courses ensure that students come away with an understanding of how to manage current systems and to adapt to the changing face of communications and internet technology.

To find out more about the School’s courses and the forthcoming postgraduate open day on 31st January 2007 please go the website at www.aston.ac.uk/eas, email seaspgtaught@aston.ac.uk or telephone +44 (0) 121 204 3668


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