Gifted students National Science Week treat

As part of National Science Week, young gifted students aged 14 – 19 from across the UK will be given a rare chance to explore the pharmaceutical profession at Aston University. The event is entitled NAGTY Experts in Action – Why do I need to be a Scientist to be a Pharmacist?, and will be held on Saturday 18 March.

Organised by the National Academy for Gifted & Talented Youth (NAGTY), the event will consist of a two hour session which will provide an excellent insight into what is involved in becoming a Pharmacist. It will also encourage students to ask questions and gain advice from the professionals at hand.

As a subject that is not taught in schools, the path into the Pharmacy profession is not as straight forward as most. The Pharmaceutical degree is one of Aston’s most popular courses, which means that experts attending the event will have the enthusiasm and expertise to accommodate the 30 students that are expected to attend.

The event will create a unique opportunity for students who are considering entering the profession to get a taste of what the job entails. It will also clarify what qualifications are required, which will be particularly useful for pre GCSE and pre A2 level students in helping them make important subject decisions.

The group will be led by Aston University’s Katie Hatfield, who is a teaching fellow and Undergraduate admissions tutor for Pharmacy at the University. She is also a member of the Medicines Research Unit. Katie will be accompanied by three keen Aston Pharmaceutical students, who will be there to share their first hand experiences and offer advice.

The session will incorporate a variety of teaching practices with the aim to stretch students further than their science classes are able to do, as well as put into practice what they have learnt throughout the session.

‘We're really looking forward to hosting the event. It's so important to ensure that every child has the opportunity to fulfil their academic potential and NAGTY events are an excellent way for pupils to enrich their studies outside the classroom and to meet like-minded people,’ said principal organiser Angela Morris.

For further information please contact Hannah Brookes on (0121) 204 4549

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