Leonardo link for European health service staff

Academics from Aston University and managers from Birmingham Children’s Hospital welcomed collaborative partners from Spain (University of Barcelona and Matar� Hospital), Poland (University of Silesia and Silesia Hospital) and Portugal (University of Coimbra and Coimbra Hospital) on Friday, 3 February. The partnership is engaged in a two year Leonardo Human Systems Audit Project that provides an opportunity to identify how health care services across Europe can be compared.

This unique project is operating internationally, forming partnerships between universities and hospitals from across Europe and the UK. The key aim is to develop a training needs analysis tool for health service managers in different countries. This will facilitate organisational development in hospitals across Europe and enable hospital managers in the UK to understand the training needs of hospitals in other countries. An anticipated outcome is to enhance the hospital working environment by developing staff knowledge and skills.

The Partner Meeting held at Aston University on February 3rd and 4th marks the success and the end of the first year. The Aston project team is led by Professor Michael West from the Work and Organisational Psychology Group at Aston Business School. For further information about the Leonardo Project please contact Jessica Baker at bakerj@aston.ac.uk

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