Aston’s own bobby on the beat

13 April 2006 - for immediate release

On the surface, 20 year old Aston University student Ashley Pepper, is like any other full-time student juggling her studies with an equally demanding social life. However, those who know her also know that Ashley leads two very different lives…

As well as her full-time Combined Honours degree in Business Administration and Psychology, Ashley is also an employee of Metropolitan Police Service London. The budding policewoman and keen student has amazed her tutors through hard work and determination to hold down a job whilst still managing to complete full-time university hours.

Ashley joined the police service as a Community Support Officer at 18 years old upon finishing her A-levels. Recognising the importance of having both an education and experience in the competitive job market, Ashley wanted to stay ahead and get a degree. As a Community Support Officer, Ashley’s main duty involves providing a uniformed and reassuring presence within the community. Ashley’s professional role is poles apart from the life she has in Aston, although her degree has helped her in many ways with her profession.

‘I would definitely recommend going to university as well as working full time. Getting a degree was something which I really wanted to do, but I was also passionate about starting work as soon as possible with the police. My job has helped me a lot with my studies, not only financially but in my communication skills and in developing an excellent work ethic,’ said Ashley.

With understanding work colleagues and staff at the University behind her, Ashley is able to concentrate on her studies in term time and her career throughout her holidays.

‘What stood out about Aston was the atmosphere of the campus. The University’s great reputation and enthusiastic staff meant it was the best university for me,’ said Ashley.

Upon leaving university Ashley hopes to join the police as full-time officer. Having a degree will provide her with opportunities for future career development within the Metropolitan Police Service.


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