SME’s play vital role in improving West Midland’s region

22 September 2005

The MacLaren Memorial Lecture, Aston University, 6 October 2005.

SME’s play vital role in improving West Midland’s region

SIMON Topman, CEO of Acme Whistles and Sue Battle, CEO of Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry will address the role of corporate social responsibility in SME’s at this year’s MacLaren Memorial Lecture held at Aston University on 6 October, supported by the Chartered Management Institute.

Corporate social responsibility is mainly the preserve of the corporate giant, or so it has long been assumed. But now, as the role of small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s) becomes increasingly important, is it time for managers to address the implications of their firm on their stakeholders to improve the West Midland’s region for everyone?

In their joint lecture, the well-known Midlands entrepreneurs will examine the increasingly significant role of SME’s in a global market, and look at whether they can, despite smaller resources, make a bigger impact in terms of corporate social responsibility.

‘There are four million SME’s in the economy providing 90% of private sector employment,’ explains Simon. ‘Who is better placed to reach out into the community it lives in symbiosis with, and understand that community?’

The MacLaren Lecture on Management is an annual lecture in memory of one of the Midlands’ leading industrialists.

James Edward MacLaren was Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Birmingham College of Technology which, in 1966, became Aston University.

At the time of his death in 1951 MacLaren, the Managing Director of the Birmingham based BSA Tools, was already recognised as a great industrialist as well as a war hero commended by the late King George VI. One of his guiding principles was the interests of humanity.

The lecture takes place on 6 October 2005 at 7.00pm with refreshments provided between 6.00pm and 7.00pm. For further information or free tickets please contact Jean Hasson on 0121 204 4551 or email: j.hasson@aston.ac.uk

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