Is beauty really skin deep?


September 8 2005

Is beauty really skin deep?

WELL actually it's more in the mind.

Would you like to find out more about how we perceive people's attractiveness or how researchers are seeking insight into how our brain affects our behaviour, one of the deepest mysteries known to science?

Then join neuroscientists from across the world at Aston University in Birmingham next week for the international 'Methods in Mind' Conference between September 12-16.

This prestigious, five day event will give Aston postgraduate students and staff an unrivalled opportunity to present their work to this international audience.

Some of the results to be presented are truly groundbreaking. Among the highlights are:

Professor Alumit Ishai from the University of Zurich will present research that shows how factors such as a person’s sexuality, their memories and emotions affect how they perceive attractiveness in human faces

Dr Gaynor Evans from Aston University will explore how the human brain constructs a person’s body image, which in some people can lead to the onset and development of eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia

Aston University is the ideal location for this year’s conference as the University has both MEG (Magnetoencephalography) and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanners, as well as a multi-channelled EEG system, in the Aston Academy of Life Sciences and the Neurosciences Research Institute.


For further press information please contact Sally Hoban on 0121 204 4552. The conference website is at www.fmriexp.com/7

Notes to editors:

• The conference is an annual educational meeting that first took place in 1998. At the time brain imaging was a relatively new technology and these initial conferences gave working scientists and students the chance to come together to discuss their existing work and explore future possibilities in neuroscience research. The concept was a great success and previous conferences have taken place in locations including London, Washington and Sao Paolo.

• The conference will be chaired by Dr Carl Senior and Dr Gina Rippon from Aston and has attracted high profile speakers including Prof Ed Bullmore from the UK as well as Prof Peter Bandettini from the USA. Other speakers include Profs Amanda Broderick and Andrew Young and presentations from Prof Stefano Seri and Drs Gareth Barnes, Arjan Hillebrand and Krish Singh from Aston.

• Alongside the main conference there will be a number of masterclasses which will enable delegates to learn how to use various brain imaging techniques. These training classes will be organised by postdoctoral Aston students, as the emphasis of these conferences is very much on students and working scientists exchanging ideas.

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