Freshers’ Week a huge success

20 October 2005

Freshers’ Week a huge success

IT has been another outstanding year for new students as Aston University celebrates the end of another fantastic Freshers’ Week.

The University is incredibly proud of its Freshers’ Week. FHM Magazine thinks its number one and the Virgin Student Guide thinks it’s pretty good too. Not surprising really, given that Aston was named the sixth friendliest university in the country by Friends Reunited.

So how did we look after our new students when they arrived?

Guild President Gaz Booth explains: ‘At Aston we have a unique Aunties scheme for Freshers’ welfare in their first week. During Freshers’ week, after new students’ folks have gone home, they may feel like they’re on their on their own, and that is why the Guild invented Aunties.

‘When they’re moving in, the Aunties help them to shift all their stuff from the car to their room – even on the 19th floor of Stafford Tower Residences! When they get bored unpacking their stuff, the Aunties pick them up from their flat and bring them over to the Guild to meet everyone. When the night is over, the Aunties are there to take them for a curry and return them home safely!

‘If they need advice, a shoulder to cry on or just information about Birmingham or the University, the Aunties were here to make them settle in.

‘We have Welfare Aunties, Activity Aunties (for advice about sport and societies), Promo Aunties (they have all the information about what’s going on in the week) and General Aunties. Don’t be confused by the name, these are the stars of Freshers' Week. They moved all the students’ stuff, kept them busy all week and didn’t complain about it even once ….

‘All in all, it was another really warm welcome for our new students.’


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