Live 8 debate – internationally renowned professor comes to Aston University to discuss foreign aid

06 June 2005

Live 8 debate – internationally renowned professor comes to Aston University to discuss foreign aid

INTERNATIONALLY renowned expert in globalisation and ‘greening business’, Professor Aseem Prakash is making a special visit to Aston University during the week beginning 20th June to give two public lectures.

Prakash, who is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Washington, Seattle, will discuss Globalization, Trade and Aid on Monday 20 June and Greening Business: Fact or Fiction on Wednesday 22 June.

Globalization, Trade and Aid – Monday 20th June at 5.30pm, Room MB549

At a time when foreign aid and world poverty are at the forefront of our minds due to Bob Geldof and the Live 8 concerts, Professor Prakash will discuss foreign aid as a key instrument that developed countries use to alleviate resource scarcity, reduce inequalities, and support policy reforms in the developing world. He will talk about the considerable variations in foreign aid budgets across donor countries and over time, for example in 2000 Denmark’s foreign aid commitments amounted to 1.06 percent of its gross national product (GNP) while US aid allocations represented only 0.1 percent of its GNP. France has halved its foreign aid outlays in the last two decades, from 0.64 percent of its GNP in 1980 to 0.32 percent of its GNP in 2000. In key parts of his lecture, Professor Prakash will look at what explains these variations in budgets, and why they vary across countries and over time.

Greening Business: Fact or Fiction, Wednesday 22nd June at 5.30pm, Room MB373

Professor Prakash is a pioneer in the field of ‘greening business’, a topic which looks at how businesses can help the environment. In this lecture, Professor Prakash will look at under what conditions businesses join voluntary environmental programs and whether globalization processes encourage or discourage businesses to do this. He will examine the evidence for the viewpoint of globalization critics, who argue that the pressures of international trade exert a powerful downward force on domestic environmental standards.

Both of these public lectures are free and open to everyone. Please contact Jean Hasson at Aston University, Marketing & Communications on 0121 204 4551 or email j.hasson@aston.ac.uk for further information or to reserve a seat.

Written by Babs Coombes. For further press information please contact me on 0121 204 4549 or email b.a.l.coombes@aston.ac.uk

Notes to editors:

Aseem Prakash is Associate Professor of Political Science at University of Washington, Seattle. From 1997 to 2002, he was Assistant Professor of Strategic Management and Public Policy at the School of Business, The George Washington University. Professor Prakash received a Joint Ph.D. from the Department of Political Science and the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA), Indiana University, Bloomington. Prior to his Ph.D., he completed his MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, and then worked as a manager in the marketing department of Procter and Gamble for three years.

Professor Prakash is interested in issues of governance: how governance institutions emerge, how they function, and how they impact outcomes. Much of his research focuses on non-governmental institutions in the environmental policy area, and how business-government-NGO dynamics influence their adoption, functioning, and efficacy.

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