Re-freshing home comforts for new Aston students

24 September 2004

Re-freshing home comforts for new Aston students

THIS weekend Aston University will see the arrival of over 2000 new students for Fresh Fest 2004. This is an exciting, yet daunting, time for many young people who have left the comforts of home to embark upon their university life. Aston University has decided to help them out by providing a little ‘Love from Home’!

The scheme run in conjunction with Marks and Spencer allows gives parents the opportunity to buy their children special food hampers to make them feel more at home – and to stop them getting hungry in their first year on their own!

‘Love from Home’ was set up in 1999 to give parents and family members the opportunity to send Aston students a personal package for special occasions or for more difficult times, such as during exams.

‘Marks and Spencer is a brand name that is recognised and acclaimed worldwide,’ explains Jean Hasson, who is responsible for the packages. ‘It means that even parents of international students understand that they are sending their child something of high quality. Orders have come in from as far a field as Singapore.’

‘We are one of the few universities in the country that runs such a scheme. We understand that parents will worry about their children coming to university, and Love from Home provides the students with some external communications from their parents with quality products and a personal service,’ Jean continued.

The parcels, which can contain many items such as food, flowers, chocolate and drinks, do not contain set pieces, but can be adapted for any individual for a more personal touch. In the past Jean has put together special convalescence parcels of soft and nutritional foods, and prepared other packages to complement students’ likes and dislikes or religious beliefs. When completed, Jean then makes a personal delivery to their door on the requested date, whether the student lives on or off campus.

This year also sees the introduction of the ‘Freshers’ Pack’ full of all the kitchen essentials and all hampers now come with a free Aston University ‘Love from Home’ teddy bear as an added touch.

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Written by Babs Coombes. For further information please contact me on 0121 204 4549 or email: b.a.l.coombes@aston.ac.uk

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