How your business can take over the world - or at least dominate its market!

21 September 2004

How your business can take over the world - or at least dominate its market!

IT'S the question every managing director wants to know the answer to: how can your business be successfully globally - not just locally? Now Aston University has the answer from Professor Stewart Clegg, who has been described as one of the most global academics in the management profession. He is coming to the Lakeside Conference Centre at Aston on Wednesday 6th October to explain how you can be a winner, not a loser from globalisation.

Prof. Clegg is more than equipped to talk about how you can make a company successful globally. He's taught and researched business and change management all over the world including the USA, Japan, the UK and Europe, South East Asia, Latin America and Australia where he is currently Professor of Management at the University of Technology, Sydney. He's also one of the people most likely to accurately predict the world's economic situation in 50 years time something every entrepreneur would value.

'Globalisation is about dominance.' Stewart explains. 'If we look at the major economic entities most of them come either from the United States, the European Union or Japan but there are also huge and significant economies which are quite distinct from those like China, India and Brazil. I think the most likely outcome in 50 years time will be that the already prosperous and well established societies will continue to be so but we are likely to see an increasing economic power and the emergence of a larger middle class India, China and Brazil.

'In terms of technological advances there are probably possibilities in the management and access of global knowledge and information from the internet that we haven't even touched yet.'

In the nearer future he warns that the war with Iraq could easily see the world economy plunged into a stagflationary recession such as we had 30 years ago, as well as people misconceiving globalisation as an overwhelming form of Americanism.

In his lecture he will not only discuss his future predictions and the best ways to make a company become global, but he will also talk about how to maintain a global status in a market something many take for granted.

'The whole basis of a capitalist market economy is that it is extraordinarily dynamic. If you're successful in a market, even dominant, this is no guarantee of maintaining that position,' explains Stewart. 'New technologies and innovations produce firms that come from virtually nowhere, generate enormous asset prices and value and sometimes the older technology and firms just disappear.'

You also need to be careful not to be drawn in by the hype of an industry which may be less stable than it appears such as with the Dotcom scenario.

'Lots of people were speculatively seduced by the prospect of enormous profits on the back of technologies and business propositionns that they rarely understood but wanted to believe in. It was a kind of fever,' he concludes.

Stewart's lecture will be based on his recent paper: Globalization: Flows of capital, knowledge, people, politics and consciousness and begins at 5.30pm. For further information or free tickets please contact Jean Hasson on 0121 359 3611 ext 4309 or email j.hasson@aston.ac.uk.

Written by Babs Coombes. For further information please contact me on 0121 204 4549 or email: b.a.l.coombes@aston.ac.uk


Biography of Professor Stewart Clegg

Born in Bradford, England, Professor Stewart Clegg is one of the world's leading experts in change management. He was educated at the University of Aston (BSc Hons) and the University of Bradford (PhD) and has now held teaching and research positions in an impressive list of countries worldwide including Australia, Brazil, China, Japan, the UK and the USA.

Stewart Clegg is currently the professor of management and the director of ICAN Research (Innovative Collaboration, Alliances and Networks Research) at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. He is also the editor of the Advances in Organization Studies series for Benjamins, the European and American Publishers. Previous to this, positions have included foundation professor in management and head of department of managing and marketing at the University of Western Sydney, Australia and professor of organization studies and head of department of management at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. He is also a visiting professor for Aston Business School, Aston University, visiting professor and international fellow at the Centre of Comparative Social Studies, Free University of Amsterdam and a visiting professor at the Maastricht University Faculty of Business, Netherlands.

He has written and contributed to 99 Journals and has produced over 30 books including the Academy of Management award-winning Handbook of Organization Studies and, most recently, the acclaimed Managing and Organizations: an introduction to theory and practice. He has also written five professional publications, completed nearly 50 book reviews and contributed to over 100 conference papers. The Inaugural Lecture the professor is doing at Aston University will be the 53rd invited presentation of his career.

Throughout his life, Stewart Clegg has been awarded a significant number of honours, fellowships and awards, including being elected as a distinguished fellow of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management, being the winner of the Best Conference Paper Prize at the British Academy of Management Annual Conference, and being made a Cecil H. and Ida Green distinguished research professor at the Green College University of British Colombia, Canada.

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