Aston's authentic ascent

25 May 2004

Aston's authentic ascent

ONE GOOD RESULT can be written off as a fluke. But two in a row tends to confirm the veracity of a finding.

The Guardian newspaper's league table of the best higher education institutions in the UK, published today, gives a ringing endorsement to a university whose status lags behind its many successes.

Aston was voted into 13th place in The Guardian's league table of the UK's best 129 universities. This is good news in its own right: much better when it comes on the back of The Times' newspaper's league table published last week which voted the same institution into 22nd spot (11 places up on last year); its business school jumping from 5th to 3rd place, behind Oxford and LSE.

The Guardian table also regards two of Aston's courses as the second best in the UK, just behind the Oxbridge universities, commenting: 'the relatively small University of Aston [sic] rises to an impressive 13th in the overall ranking, also scoring highly in the separate, subject tables where it ranks second in both chemical engineering and biosciences after, respectively, Cambridge and Oxford.'

'We are moving rapidly up the various league tables of universities,' said Professor Graham Hooley, Aston University's Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor.

'Whether the table is concerned with teaching only (as in The Guardian) or includes research (as in The Times), it is great to see this consistent pattern emerging,' he continued.

'And Aston's success in the tables is shared across all our schools with particularly good results in engineering, biosciences, pharmacy, business and management, psychology and languages.'*

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Notes for editors:

* Some highlights from today's Guardian table:

• chemical engineering (2nd) behind Cambridge but ahead of Imperial College, UCL and Manchester

• biosciences (2nd) behind Oxford but ahead of Cambridge, Warwick, Imperial

• pharmacy (3rd) ahead of Manchester, King's College London and the School of Pharmacy

• business and management (4th) just behind Warwick

• electrical and electronic engineering (10th)

• psychology (10th)

• anatomy and physiology (11th)

• sociology (21st)

• French and German (24th)

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