Movies and shakers -university multimedia arm reaches out to industry

2nd October 2003

Movies and shakers -
university multimedia arm reaches out to industry

A MIDLAND'S UNIVERSITY has been selected by the department of trade and industry to represent the region as a centre of excellence as a result of its expertise in delivering education via new technologies and the moving image.

Aston University's multimedia broadcast unit will profile the Business and Learning Connections Project* at the International Telecommunications Union Expo 2003** in Geneva, 12-18 October. Microsoft's Bill Gates will be among the spectators looking on at the industry's latest developments.

Aston Media has extensive experience of producing video material for the university's distance-learners. This led Advantage West Midlands (AWM) to award it a grant of �3.4m to further develop its e-learning capabilities. The initiative is aimed at extending ways to deliver education to the region's employees and businesses using moving images.

The project is linked to AWM 's broadband initiative and other programs aimed at raising proficiencies by providing access to learning 'anytime, anyplace, anywhere and in any format'. It will help businesses access 'remote' training that overcomes some of the difficulties of teaching shift-workers and part time staff.

Experienced in VHS production, Aston Media is now using its extensive access to broadcast- and other technologies to move towards providing distance-learners with DVDs. This wider range of delivery platforms includes transmission via broadband to PC and satellite to more remote locations via an intelligent set top box.

On a complimentary basis, Aston Media records training courses and transmits them to other companies within the region. It welcomes interest from agencies and training managers to get involved in this initiative.

'Aston Media is continually developing innovative ways to use technology to provide high quality video and elearning resources for students,' said the university's director of finance and business services, Guppy Dhariwal.

'Through the Business and Learning Connections Project we are extending access to learning to the benefit of businesses and the workforce in the region. It is particularly rewarding that through this work we are recognised as a centre of excellence for recording and distributing learning and have been chosen to represent the AWM area at such a prestigious event,' he continued.

For further information please contact Joe McConnell at Aston University on 0121 204 3000 or 07702 422 456 or email: j.mcconnell@aston.ac.uk

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For further information please call 0121 204 4549 or email: b.a.l.coombes@aston.ac.uk

Notes for editors

* The Business and Learning Connections project is being developed by Aston University through its television and multimedia operation, Aston Media. It follows the award of a �3.4m grant from Advantage West Midlands. The project is designed to offer support to businesses in the region to help raise skills levels by removing issues of time and place. This will be achieved through increasing access to training by recording live learning events and making these available in a variety of multimedia formats including VHS video, DVD, broadband and via satellite.

** For further information on International Telecommunications Union Expo 2003 visit its website: www.itudaily.com

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