Aston academics study Villa's net skills

20 November 2003

Aston academics study Villa's net skills

ASTON VILLA'S good, bad and nil-nil performances on the field are well reported in newspapers, fanzines and websites. And every fan has a view.

But how well is the club doing off the field? What lies behind the accountancy-speak of Villa's annual reports?

Seasoned Villa analysts Drs Stuart Cooper and Graham Sadler tackle all aspects of the club's finances. Lecturers in finance and accounting Cooper and Sadler have all the technical skills to pick their way through boardroom jargon to offer impartial analysis on the club's latest results.

The pair have expert knowledge of annual reports and accounts that reflect the Plc's financial performance. As part of this the football industry provides an interesting case given the inclusion of the cost of players' registration as intangible assets and its subsequent amortisation over the period of their contracts.

In addition, the way in which Villa is financed - either through new share issues, increased loans or more complex financial instruments - has not passed by the Aston experts. Their knowledge of the financial markets means they can offer commentary on the performance of Villa's share price and the dividends paid out to shareholders.

Other issues of interest are the corporate governance structure and the remuneration of directors. Particularly, how these might be affected by the playing- and/ or financial performance of the club and the company respectively.

Need a Villa expert? Aston Business School provides the answer. Contact me in the first instance to arrange an interview with Cooper or Sadler.

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