Microsoft director focuses on people

24 March 2003

Microsoft director focuses on people

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12.10pm, Monday 24 March, Lakeside Conference Centre, Aston University, Birmingham.

MICROSOFT'S Stephen Harvey was the keynote speaker at a senior executive lunch yesterday (24 March 2003) held at Aston University. Harvey spoke about his experiences with the world's leading computer company and the culture that exists within it, as well as touching upon leadership, development and staff retention.

Harvey, whose job title is director of people, profit & loyalty, talked of the challenges that lay ahead for the IT sector and his aim to maintain a track record of continuing to 'deliver great business results in a tough economic climate'.

'At Microsoft this means making great hires, matching the people to a great job and then putting them under a great manager,' he said. 'By communicating an exciting vision of the future [I focus] on getting the employees engaged in what they do. This is the model that fundamentally drives long-term profitability and customer loyalty,' he continued.

A central figure in the Microsoft Ltd executive team, Harvey ensures the progressive and proactive ideas of Microsoft are communicated and affected throughout the company. He is responsible for setting the executive meetings of the team and with the managing director sets the agenda for the way this team spend their time together.

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Notes for editors:

The lunch, hosted by Aston University's Vice Chancellor, professor Michael Wright, was attended by many of the region's leading business figures and educationalists.

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