Why everyone should be a cyborg...

4th February 2003

Why everyone should be a cyborg...

IT’S every technophobe's nightmare and the stuff of all the Terminator movies but Professor Kevin Warwick has always wanted to become the world's very first cyborg. And now he wants everyone else to join him!

Not content with being able to control an electric wheelchair and an intelligent artificial hand (using a one hundred electrode array which was surgically implanted into his left arm), Professor Warwick has also undertaken the world's first direct nerve communication with his wife via the surgical implants in their arms.

On Monday 10th February in a one off lecture at Aston University organised by the IMechE Birmingham Young Members Panel, Professor Warwick will be revealing the results of ‘Project Cyborg', the effects the implant had on his nervous system and will also be discussing the massive implications these results could have for the human race.

"Genetic changes offer short term, slight modifications," says Aston graduate Professor Warwick. "However, the step to Cyborgs offers humans a natural, technological upgrade in the technological world we have instigated. I feel it will be the next evolutionary step. Indeed we will need to do it if we are to compete with intelligent machines. Those who want to stay human can and those who want to evolve into something much more powerful with greater capabilities can. There is no way I want to stay a mere human!"


For further information please call 0121 204 4549 or email: b.a.l.coombes@aston.ac.uk

Notes for Editors:

Kevin Warwick is currently Professor of Cybernetics at the University of Reading. He has published over 300 research papers and his latest paperback In the Mind of the Machines gives a warning of a future in which machines are more intelligent than humans. He has been awarded higher doctorates both by Imperial College and the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague and has been described (by Gillian Anderson of the X-Files) as Britain's leading prophet of the robot age.

The lecture will commence at 7.30pm, with refreshments served from 6.30pm.

For further information, Kevin Warwick's website address is: www.kevinwarwick.com


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