University makes city feel like home

30 January 2002

University makes city feel like home

ASTON University has developed a new initiative to make its students feel welcome - a website especially designed for international students who have accepted a place at the University and are preparing to come to study in the UK for the first time.

The new website contains tips and advice that will be helpful to students from both EU and non-EU countries. Topics discussed include what students need to bring with them when they leave home, what to expect when they arrive in the country and even helpful advice about what clothes to bring to prepare for Britain's unpredictable weather. The site also provides useful information for emergencies (for example the University's Residential Services have a supply of free survival packs containing a selection of pots, pans, crockery and cutlery in case these get left at home!)

Sarah Pymm, one of the co-authors of the site, commented: "The well-being of all our students is paramount here at Aston, so we wanted to create a special website to give our new international students extra support as they prepare to come here. We have tried to make the site as easy to use as possible and have deliberately avoided graphics to allow easy and quick download/print. We hope that the site will prove an invaluable support to new international students, particularly those who haven't left home before or travelled to a foreign country on their own before."


For further information please call 0121 204 4549 or email: b.a.l.coombes@aston.ac.uk

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