3,648 years in the office

December 4th 2002

3,648 years in the office

THAT’s the total number of years that 123 members of Aston University staff have worked at the University and they will be celebrating at a special Long Service Awards event on Thursday, December 5th. 44 other staff members, specifically from the School of Engineering, will celebrate their long service at a second event in January 2003.

The first event will take place in the Lakeside Conference Centre on Thursday, December 5th at 7.30pm. Aston’s long serving staff include academics, secretaries, cleaners, gardeners, an electrician and a carpenter.

Maureen Wood is Conference Manager at the University, and has worked at Aston in a variety of roles for 29 years. She says: "My time at Aston has been one of variety, not only in the departments I’ve worked for but also in the jobs I’ve undertaken. I really value the support I’ve received from all the staff I’ve worked with over the years. The past 29 years have gone very quickly!"

Alison John, Head of Marketing & Communications, said: "All staff at Aston are important, everyone plays a part in delivering a quality experience for all of the students, and this event recognises the continuous efforts of individuals from all across the university."


For further information please call 0121 204 4549 or email: b.a.l.coombes@aston.ac.uk

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