Find out more about the exciting research going on at Aston and hear from some of the academics who delivered events at the British Science Festival in September 2010.

Forensic linguistics

Dr Tim Grant introduces the Centre for Forensic Linguistics, one of the world’s leading groups in this emerging field. Dr Grant reveals how the discipline of linguistic analysis is being used more and more in court cases, and illustrates the case with a couple of real life examples.

At the British Science Festival

Academics from the Centre for Forensic Linguistics gave a lecture at the Festival: Being a language detective - exploring linguistics as a forensic science.

Photonics Research Group

Dr David Webb talks about the Group’s work on optical sensors, which can be used in a variety of applications, from measuring the strength of structures to assessing the effectiveness of tumour treatments in the human body. Dr Webb also discusses the importance of working with businesses to apply the research to ‘real world’ settings.

At the British Science Festival

Dr Webb hosted an interactive exhibition: The Light and Sound Show

Climate change

Sociologist, Dr Reiner Grundmann, talks about his research into the media’s reporting of climate change. He discusses media trends and the impact of the coverage on consumer behaviour. He also talks about the relationship between CO2 reductions and economic growth, and provides helpful advice for policy-makers on addressing climate change.

At the festival...

Dr Grundmann gave two lectures at the British Science Festival: The End of the World or Happy Ending: Media reporting of Climate Change and Why we disagree about Climate Change

Institute for Health Services Effectiveness

Professor Mike West, Executive Dean of Aston Business School, talks about the Institute’s work with the NHS around effective team working and HR management, including the National Staff Survey which Aston manages for the NHS. Prof West also shares his vision for the future of our world-class Business School.

Neurophysiology and Clinical Neuroimaging

Professor Paul Furlong and colleagues from the Neuroimaging Research Group talk about their research into how the brain functions using non-invasive techniques such as MEG scanning. Professor Furlong also shares his vision for the Aston Brain Centre which will build on existing research and have a particular focus on brain development in children.

At the festival...

Professor Furlong gave a lecture at theFestival: Brain wave imaging - new views of the human brain

Bioenergy research - Professor Andreas Hornung 

Professor Andreas Hornung introduces Aston’s groundbreaking European Bioenergy Research Institute, which is conducting research into producing biofuels from a variety of materials, including algae. Professor Hornung also talks about various projects the team are involved in around the world.

At the festival...

Professor Hornung gave a lecture at the Festival: The Bioenergy Solution for Birmingham 2026

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