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You say goodbye, I say hello

Blogger . 12/07/2010 11:54:52
By Carol Fryer,  Alumni Relations Officer

There's much excitement on campus this week, as family and friends come to Aston to see their loved ones’ hard work being celebrated and rewarded at our graduation ceremonies. Over the course of the week we will see over 2,000 graduates come back to campus, and as Alumni Relations Officer at Aston I look forward to hearing from them in the future about how they are progressing in their career.

As the press like to remind us, it’s a tough job market out there for today’s graduates with fierce competition. Fortunately Aston’s graduates are more likely than most to get that graduate job due to the excellent careers resources and placement year opportunities given to them. 

The support doesn’t end when they leave. By keeping in touch with their alma mater, graduates also have opportunities to attend networking events, contribute to discussion boards and join networking groups in their field and location. This provides alumni with the vital contacts they require to progress in their career.  Staying connected with the Alumni Office has never been more important.

Alumni also help keep the University at the top of its game by helping to produce world leading graduates by offering work placements to current students. With 30% of companies offing their placement students a job on graduation, the programme is very fruitful for both the student and employer. 

As public funding continues to tighten, we increasingly look to alumni to help us provide that ‘margin of excellence’ that makes the Aston experience so unique and valuable through our Aston Annual Fund.

Throughout this week, I’m looking forward to meeting graduates and congratulating them on their success, but it is not a week for goodbyes - rather it’s just the start of a lifelong relationship.

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