Calendar of Council Meetings 2017/18



Meetings start at 2.00pm 

Wednesday, 11th October 2017
Tuesday, 28th November 2017
Wednesday, 14th February 2018
Thursday, 21st June 2018

Joint Council-Executive Strategy Away-day

From 6:00 pm on Monday 19th March to 3:00 pm on Tuesday, 20th March 2018

Joint Council-Senate Strategy Away-day

From 12:30 am to 6:00 pm, followed by dinner, on Wednesday, 25th April 2018

Council's Committees

Audit Committee

A pre-meeting of independent members is held prior to the formal meetings with University Officers and Auditors present.

Wednesday, 11th October 2017(private meeting start at 9:30 am and formal meeting at 10:00 am)
Wednesday, 22nd November 2017
(private meeting start at 10:00 am and formal meeting at 10:30 am followed by private meeting with Internal and External Auditors)
22nd March 2018 (private meeting start at 9:00 am and formal meeting at 9:30)
Wednesday, 7th June 2018(private meeting start at 10:00 am and formal meeting at 10:30 am)

Finance and Major Projects Committee

Meetings start at 10:00 am

Monday, 20th November 2017
Monday, 12th March 2018
Monday, 4th June 2018

Nominations Committee

Meetings start at 12.15 pm prior to Council meetings except where stated

Wednesday, 11th October 2017
Monday, 14
th February 2018
Thursday, 21
st June 2018

Remuneration Committee 

Meetings start at 12.00 noon

Wednesday, 27th September 2017
Tuesday, 28th November 2017
Tuesday, 20th March 2018

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