Inspiring Women 

Inspiring Women @ Aston
One way to help people to succeed is through the development of networks. We felt it would a good idea to develop a network aimed at inspiring women at Aston. The network is open to anyone who is able to help women develop and achieve. 

Who are we?

At the moment we are a relatively small group of motivated individuals who meet regularly to support one another and the development of a network. 

What do we do?

Safe space for discussion

Provide a safe space for discussion and the development of networks (Chatham House rules apply)

Guest speaker Inspirational Women @ Aston

Invite guests and speakers with interesting a motivational stories to tell

Opportunities for women

Look for opportunities to enhance the lives and careers of women

Who is it for?

Any staff who are interested in discussion and networking. 

How can I be involved? 

Please email us at iwa@aston.ac.uk


We meet at 8am on the first Wednesday of every month at Boston Tea Party (Corporation Street) for breakfast. Anyone is welcome to join us and there is no need to book.

We also meet between 3.30 - 5pm on the third Wednesday of every month at Costa (Café Tierra) to discuss a particular topic – again please feel free to drop in. 

If you are attending for the first time, please contact us at iwa@aston.ac.uk so that we can give you the name of someone to look out for.

International Women's Week

We are currently organising activities for International Women’s Week (5th-9th March 2018). If you are interested in being involved, please email us at iwa@aston.ac.uk