Policies & Procedures

The following information on the policies and procedures, as well as the various permits to work required to gain access to various areas around the site, can be found here:

Estates & Capital Developments Policies & Procedures
 Policy  Uploaded/Updated
 Aston Domestic Water Systems  
 Asbestos July 2016
 Asbestos Register Access Information July 2016
 Building Specification Guide July 2017
 CDMC Site Inspection - Template   
 Confined Spaces Entry Form (Red Zone) December 2014
 Confined Spaces Policy November 2016
 Construction Waste Guidance           July 2017
 Contractor Procedure for the Control & Suppression of Dust, Fume & Vapours November 2016
 Contractors Authorisation to Work Permit
 ECD Actions on Hearing the Main Building, North or South Wings Evacuation Alarm May 2017
 ECD Driving at Work Policy October 2016
 ECD Skip Policy October 2016
 ECD Alcohol Policy June 2017
 Electrical Specification April 2015
 Emergency Asbestos Incident Procedure March 2017
 Energy & Water Policy  
 Environmental Incident Form April 2016
 Fire Safety Policy  May 2014
 Fire Alarm Corridor Crawl Void Aspiration System/‘Fire Check’ Policy November 2016 
 Health & Safety Policy June 2017
 High Voltage Permit December 2014
 Hot Works Permit
December 2014
 Inclement Weather Policy July 2015
 Invoicing Procedures and Information for New Suppliers  
 IT Services Converged Network Installation Specification
August 2015
 Low Voltage Permit
December 2014
 Main Building: Lower Ground Roadway Closure Protocol November 2016
 Management of Over Head Corridor Ducts in the Main Building November 2016 
 Mechanical Specification
October 2015
 O&M Manuals - Index List November 2015
 PAT Testing (In-Service Inspection & Testing COP) March 2015
 Preparing for Works in Occupied Areas and Laboratories May 2017
 Roof Access Request Form December 2015
 Roof Access Request form (North Wing) December 2014
 Safety Code of Practice for Contractors September 2016
 Smoke/Heat Detector Isolation Form
 Space Heating and Ventilation Code of Practice August 2016
 Space Policy (2014-15) March 2015
 Sustainable Construction Specification
April 2017
 (Control of) Vehicles Accessing Pedestrian and Parking Areas June 2017
 Water Hygiene at Aston University
July 2014

EcoCampus/IS0 14001 Policies

CENEWLINK All policies and procedures in this section relate to the University's IS0 14001 and EcoCampus Platinum certifications and inform stakeholders on how to react and report various environmental issues on the University campuses. 

EcoCampus/IS0 14001 Policies & Procedures
 Policy/Procedure  Uploaded/Updated
 Biodiversity Procedure
 June 2017
 Chemical or Oil Spill Procedure
 June 2017
 Construction Refurbishment and Maintenance Procedure            
 April 2017
 Emergency Preparedness & Response
 June 2017
 Emissions to Air Procedure
 June 2017
 Emissions to Water Procedure    May 2017
 Energy and Water Management Policy                
 June 2016
 Hazardous Substances Procedure
 June 2017
 Noise Procedure
 June 2017
 Waste Management Procedure  June 2017