Announcements about current developments will be made on this page periodically to update staff on the aims of projects, their estimated time to completion and the contact information of project managers within Estates. 

'Z' Space (9.6.2015)

 New equipment and increased capacity for rooms 266 & 268 to enable 3D screen technology to be implemented into teaching. Works will take place in August 2015 to be completed in early September.

For more information please contact Ian Oldacre.

LHS 4th Floor (9.6.2015)

 New academic researcher and post graduate office space for Biology and Pharmacy. Development of old office and laboratory space between 'E' corner and 'H' stairs.

Works began on site on the 8th June and are due for completion in August 2015. 

For further information please contact Ian Oldacre.

CDIO (9.6.2015)

 Expansion of Space on Lower Ground floor to enable growth in student numbers and taught and project development. 

Works planned to commence on Monday 13th July, being completed in early September.

For further information please contact Ian Oldacre.

Aston Main Water Pipe Installation (9.6.2015)

 Works to install a new water main to the Old Fire Station are still ongoing, but are now entering the final stages. Updates on completion to follow.

Water Proofing Works - MB 7th Floor (21.4.2015)

Works began on the 13th April to correct defective mortar joints in the brickwork between the A corner and the H Lifts. The work will be completed by the end of April 2015.

For further information please contact David Gwynne.

Outdoor Recreation Centre - New Sports Pitch (21.4.2015)

 Major re-developments of the Outdoor Recreation Centre will be occurring on Tuesday 5th May to be completed on the 3rd August 2015. The works will involve the installation of new carpet, lighting and fencing as well as a new drainage system to radically update the facilities.

For further information please contact Clive Eals.

Aston Main Water Pipe Installation (21.4.2015)

 The installation of a new water main to serve the Fire Station will continue to occur causing some minor disruptions to Aston Street. The paving on Aston and Potter street will be reinstated once the works are completed.

Marquee Power Supplies (4.3.2015)

New power supply points are to be installed within the new landscape area between Car park 12 / Sports Pitch and ASV Block ‘D’ for use by marquees and events.  As part of these works there will be path closures adjacent the Sports Pitch steps.  Alternative routes will be sign posted throughout the works.  The path closures will be from Thursday 26th February until Thursday 5th March 2015.  Groundwork’s will continue within the grassed areas until Friday 20th March.  All work areas will be cordoned off throughout the works.

Electric Vehicle Charging Points - Carpark 12 (5.2.2015)

 Four free to use electric car charging points have been installed in Car Park 12 for use by staff, students and authorised visitors.

For further information please contact Adam Reilly.

Pedestrian Area on Aston Road (5.2.2015)

Works have commenced on Aston Road (between EBRI and the Student's Union) to restrict vehicle access into East Yard. This will involve in the installation of barriers and bollards and be part of the larger improvement to pedestrian safety and campus vehicle control.

For further information please contact Colin Tuck.

Minor Works Update (7.1.2015)

  • The 6th floor student common space in the Main Building will have new lighting installed on Monday the 12th of January and Thursday the 15th January.
  • This area will be closed between 8am to 5pm on these days. 

For further information please contact Adam Reilly

Main Building Comms Rooms Works (7.1.2015)

The comms rooms within the Main Building are being connected to a standby generator to support the IT system in the event of a power failure. Lower Ground floor stairwell access will be suspended on select days. 

More information can be found on the Estates Newsletter.

For further information please contact Adam Reilly

MB634 & MB534 (17.12.2014)

 Works have commenced in MB634 to begin developing laboratories for ARCHA as well as a consumables store.

MB534 is also being developed to allow it to cater for more students with a modern AV system and to create a new laboratory to house staff and students currently using temporary facilities on the 4th floor.

Works begun on the 15th December 2014 and are scheduled to be completed on the 2nd April 2015.

For further information please contact contact Clive Eals.

Please Switch Off Electrical Items over Christmas

  • The University spent £3,200 on Christmas Day alone in 2013. The University is committed to continued carbon footprint reduction and saving energy wherever feasible. We ask staff and students to please switch off all non-essential electrical items over the Christmas break to help us get this figure down. Thank you. 

Minor Works Update (7.12.2014)

  • Works will begin to decorate the 4th floor corridor on the main building (between 'D' & 'C' corners) from the 8th December 2014 and continue for 5 days. There will also be some additional decorating beginning in the student area adjacent to D lift landing in the coming weeks. 

Campus Updates (24.11.2014)

  • Planned preventative maintenance is to be carried out on two of the campuses High Voltage Substations over the Christmas period. The works are required to ensure the equipment is in optimum condition, maximising the reliability of electrical supplies. Please see the newsletter site for more information

Minor Works Update (24.10.2014)

  • BYOD Rooms (Bring Your Own Device) have been developed in MB268 and NW104 after an extensive refurbishment. Students can now bring their own devices and will be able to connect directly to the Aston network. 
  • The lecture theatre capacity in VSG03 has been upgraded from 145 to 160 seats to facilitate higher numbers of students. 

Minor Works Update (1.10.2014)

  • The trees outside Tesco on Aston Street will be undergoing tree surgery on the week commencing Monday 20th October. This will be completed within the week. 

IT Help Desk (1.10.2014)

The new IT Helpdesk on the ground floor of the Main Building has been completed and handed over. The Help desk occupies the area that used to be part of Registry and Examinations between B and C stairs and is part of the larger plan to get student services located on the ground floor of the Main Building where they will best able to assist students. This area also incorporates a new home for the Disability and VISA teams who have moved into the newly refurbished space adjacent to the Help Desk. 

Follow this link to see more information about the project.

For further information please contact Ian Oldacre

Basement Archive Development (25.9.2014)

The development of the basement level of the Main Building between A and G corners is almost completed. The aim of this project was to create a permanent decant space for archives that were previously located on the lower ground in order to make way for future Photonics Laboratory developments. The completed project has seen the refurbishment of the entire basement section and the installation of bespoke roller racking to house the archive material from over 10 departments. 

Follow this link to see more information about the project.

For further information please contact Rhys Mason-Dunn or Riccardo Bongiovi.

Lecture Theatres MBG11, MB653 & MB603 (24.9.2014)

Works on refurbishing the G11 lecture theatre and the development of new lecture theatres and study spaces adjacent to The Sumpner Lecture theatre on the 6th floor are near completion. The brief was to create modern and dynamic teaching spaces in place of the old Café Lago area complete with a Harvard style lecture theatre of 170+ student capacity and a breakout area that would allow greater interaction between students and lecturers. 

Follow this link to see more information about the project.

For further information or to provide feedback please contact Riccardo Bongiovi or Ian Oldacre.