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Estates and Capital Developments

Estates and Capital Developments are responsible for the development and upkeep of the Aston University Campus and its' constituent buildings. Specifically, the estates team are responsible for: 

  • Undertaking capital construction projects to build modern and efficient buildings fit for a 21st century research led University
  • The design, development and refurbishment of rooms and buildings on the Aston estate such as lecture theatres and office spaces
  • The maintenance of equipment, buildings, rooms and landscapes on the estate including gardening and cleaning services
  • Aston's green policy and the drive to making the University more environmentally sustainable
  • The University's energy and waste policies
  • The allocation and monitoring of teaching spaces
  • Student society room bookings and the allocation of rooms for external events
  • Portering and post room services 

Estates Helpdesk

To report any issues around the building or to make a request to the Estates team please contact the Estates Helpdesk. 

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Please switch off electrical items over Christmas. The University is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and saving energy, and the Christmas break gives staff and students a good opportunity to contribute to this by turning off all non-essential electrical items wherever feasible. For more information please contact your office or departmental green champion or get in touch with the Energy, Environment and Sustainability Team

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