Furniture Re-use

As part of our on-going commitment to reducing waste and cutting costs, we ensure that (where possible) unwanted furniture is recycled within the University. 

We operate an informal furniture re-use system, where members of staff can contact the Energy, Environment and Sustainability Team (environment@aston.ac.uk) or the Porters (m.w.atkins@aston.ac.uk), to see what is available within the furniture store in the Main Building. Before ordering new furniture, staff members should assess if there are any items that could be used in the furniture store.

So far, around 135 items have been reused, which is equivalent to just over 2.5 tonnes of furniture!

Not only has this saved us an estimated £14,000 against purchasing new items, it also means we have saved on waste disposal costs and avoided harmful emissions being created by landfilling these items or transferring them to an alternative location to be dealt with.

Spare chairs for re-use
Spare lockers for re-use

So, if you're a staff member looking for a new item of furniture, your first port of call should be the furniture store.

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