Life and Health Sciences Sustainability Group

The LHS Sustainability Group promotes environmental sustainability within the School of Life and Health Sciences, reporting both to School Board and to the Sustainable Aston Working Group. Our key focus is on enabling and encouraging staff and students to make their behaviour more environmentally sustainable.

Key Achievements

A school-wide switching-off campaign for desktop electrical equipment:

  • Demonstrated to people that some equipment uses electricity even when they think it is switched off.
  • Enabled people to save up to half their power usage by making power switches more accessible.

A student and staff competition, seeking ideas to improve environmental sustainability in our school:

A waste audit to increase recycling of specialist plastics waste in our laboratories:

  • Working with colleagues to identify which waste could be recycled or reused.

  • Engaging with suppliers to arrange for collection and re-use of plastics where possible, such as pipette boxes and inserts.

A range of small projects to improve sustainability in LHS:

  • Switched to 100% recycled paper in all printers and photocopiers
  • Replaced light bulbs in Vision Sciences Building with energy-efficient alternatives
  • Developing battery recycling facilities for students in Optometry
  • Local promotions to encourage energy-saving by switching off
  • Promoted sustainable ways of running paperless meetings
  • Reusing solvents after distillation process in our labs - saved 10litres during student projects.

Group Members

You can contact the LHS Sustainability Group through any of its members:
Frank Eperjesi, Paul Furlong, Jo Gough, Trevor Knight, Helen Pattison Dan Rathbone, Steve Russell, Caroline Witton.

We work closely with the Environment and Sustainability team in Estates & Facilities.

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