2009/10 Campaigns

During 2009/10, Aston focussed on the following major campaigns, encouraging staff and students to get involved.

10:10 - energy reduction
Aston signed up to the national 10:10 campaign, making the commitment to reduce carbon emissions from energy and transport by 10% during 2010. Staff helped out by signing up to the Aston Go Green Awards and students took part in the Student Switch Off campaign in halls of residence.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Aston has the target of acheiving Zero waste to landfill by 2012. The goal for 2009/10 was to increase recycling by at least 20%. Improved facilites and awareness campaigns were used to reach this goal.


Food Ethics
Together with People&Planet, Aston looked at food supply and food ethics this year. The catering department is committed to constantly improving their work, as well as promoting healthy and ethical food to everyone around the University.

2009/10 Campaigns
2009/10 Campaigns

We have made a lot of progress in both teaching and research for sustainability but there is still a long way to go. This was a major focus of work for this year, with the aim of launching both Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs focused on sustainability and social responsibility in 2011.


Sustainable Transport
AstBUG has been championing cycling for a long time now, and travel survey results have shown that more staff and students are cycling, walking and using public transport. Promotion continued throughout 2009/10, with numerous events throughout the year to raise awareness, as well as offering deals and discounts to staff and students.


Biodiversity and wildlife
Aston now has an active Wildlife Group, and our Staff Volunteering Scheme has offered the opportunity to help out with improving biodiversity on campus. The 5 year Biodiversity Action Plan was produced this year, providing goals to work towards this year and in the future.

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