Carbon View Dashboard

Aston has launched the new Carbon View Dashboard so that all staff and students can see how each building is doing regarding their carbon emissions. The dashboard can also be used to see a buildings daily, weekly, monthly and annual energy (kWh), energy costs and carbon emissions.

To view a buildings dashboard please click on the below link. This will open up a separate page showing the University's main dashboard. To view an individual building click 'log in' at the top right corner and then copy and paste the 'User name' and 'password' from the below table into the box that appears when you click 'log in'. Please note it is recommended that you open the dashboard in explorer:

The Carbon View Dashboard web page can be be accessed via this link:
Carbon View Dashboard

List of Dashboard buildings that you can view

Building Name
 User Name
 Aston Business School  aston.business@aston.ac.uk  business
 Day Hospital including Aston Brain Centre  day.hospital@aston.ac.uk  hospital
James Watt Residences  james.watt@aston.ac.uk  jameswatt
 Lakeside Conference Centre  lakeside@aston.ac.uk  conference
Library  library@aston.ac.uk
 Main Building including the Wings  main.building@aston.ac.uk
 Sports Aston including Gem and Woodcock Sports  sport@aston.ac.uk  sport
 Stafford Tower Residences  stafford@aston.ac.uk
 Student Guild  guild@aston.ac.uk  guild
 Vision Sciences vision@aston.ac.uk  vision
  William Murdoch Residences  william.murdoch@aston.ac.uk  murdoch

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