ICT and Education for Sustainability at Aston University

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ICT and Education for Sustainability at Aston University

As part of the HEFCE funded project ‘Leading Curriculum Change in Sustainability’ led by John Blewitt (ABS), an online conference for staff and students took place on 16 November, 2011. With help from colleagues Kevin Brace (pictured above) and Neil Cocklin from CLIPP, the conference was delivered via Elluminate and addressed two major issues:

  • How Green ICT can enhance quality learning within Higher Education generally and at Aston in particular.

  • How Green ICT can help lower the carbon footprint of the university.

The contention was that an important characteristic of quality higher education is the way HE addresses the sustainability imperative in terms of the curriculum and its socio-ecological impact. The online conference, with its low carbon impact, sought to demonstrate how ICT, sustainability and technologically enhanced education are integrally related.

For more information on the conference and on the HEFCE project please contact John Blewit: j.d.blewitt@aston.ac.uk

For more information on the HEFCE project click HERE.

You may also wish to check out: John Blewitt’s chapter in The Sustainability Handbook (2009), “New Media Literacy: communication for sustainability” available here.

Summing Up and Further Thoughts (click to start presentation: edited to 10mins 44secs)


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