CSI Research Grants - Seed Funding

2009 - 2010

The following were the successful bids for grants from the CSI Seed fund:

 Team  Funding £K
 Corporate climate change reporting and the media in BRICS  Grundmann (LSS), Belal (ABS), Krishnamurthy (LSS), Crotty (ABS), Dey (ABS)  £14.3K
 Encouraging sustainable behaviours using information processing and behaviour change techniques  Cooke (LHS), Wong (ABS), Liu (ABS)  £10K
 Engaging different communities with sustainability  Parkes (ABS), Cooke (LHS), Hussain (LSS), Gholami (ABS)  £14.5K
 Tackling Climate Change at the Sub-National Level  Cooper (ABS), Pearce (ABS)  £15K
 Green Wash or Green Progress  Saal (ABS), Cooper (ABS), Brewster (ABS), Tapinos (ABS)  £15K

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research