Waste Management Policy

Aston University is proud of our green campus and our Environmental Policy states that we will strive “To prevent all kinds of pollution through reduced waste, reduced emissions and responsible disposal”.

Our Waste Management Policy builds on this objective; setting ambitious targets to achieve a 7% reduction in overall waste production by 2020 on a baseline of 2012/13 and to increase participation in zero waste in halls by 10% on 2012/13 baseline.

The University will achieve this by:  

  • Reviewing our purchasing practices with a view to minimising waste;

  • Advising staff on the waste hierarchy (reduce, reuse, recycle) and providing guidance on waste reduction techniques and reuse/recycling facilities;

  • Providing adequate recycling facilities around campus;

  • Ensuring that waste is stored appropriately, safely and in line with legislation;

  • Ensuring that waste is disposed of responsibly and in line with legislation;

  • Providing waste management training where necessary;

  • Monitoring and reviewing waste streams, practices and reduction targets regularly;

  • Requesting waste minimisation and recycling information in line with targets in future waste management contracts;

  • Working with contractors and partners to ensure this policy is implemented across campus. 

The policy will be implemented, monitored and reviewed by the Environment and Sustainability Team, together with the Sustainable Aston Working Group (reporting to the University Executive) and the Sustainable Procurement Working Group.

Approved by University Executive, June 2010; reviewed October 2014.

Click here for a PDF version of the policy.

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