Sustainable Food Policy

 Aston University is committed to integrating sustainability into all aspects of catering to students, staff, visitors, conference delegates and leisure guests where practicable.  We recognise our responsibility to carry out our procurement activities in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, and to incorporate environmental and social considerations into our service and procurement selection processes. This is in part demonstrated by the accreditation of Conference Aston to ISO14001 standards. We also aspire to improve the health of our catering customers by increasing choice and access to fresh healthy food, as well as providing relevant information to enable customers to make informed choices. We will support agricultural practices that are environmentally friendly, economically viable and socially responsible by the way we purchase consumables and will incorporate energy reducing methods and practices in all aspects of food production. University Catering has made a commitment to buy only cage free whole eggs or shell eggs.  

The University endorses DEFRA’s definition of Sustainable Food, and undertakes to provide food and drink that: 

  • is safe and contributes to a healthy diet

  • supports a thriving and competitive food industry

  • promote the highest standards of animal health and welfare

  • deliver improving environmental impact throughout the lifecycle of the product or service

The Sustainable Food Policy will be supported by related policies that reflect specific sustainability issues, in particular the Sustainable Procurement Policy and by the development of a Sustainable Food Action Plan.

The policy will be implemented by the operational teams responsible for delivering catering services and monitored and reviewed by the Sustainable Aston Working Group (reporting to the University Executive), the Sustainable Procurement Working Group, and the Aston Fair Trade Steering Group.

Last reviewed September 2015 by Sustainable Aston Working Group. 


You can download a pdf version of our Sustainable Food Policy and Food Action Plan.

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