Ethical Investment Policy

Aston University aims to be an inspirational place to live, work and study, promoting justice, integrity and sustainable growth in society. The University welcomes donations from alumni, corporate benefactors and other supporters.  

We are committed to ensuring that the University makes all investment decisions responsibly with the primary guiding principle of generating funds, through income and, or capital growth, with which to further the work of the University. In making investment decisions, environmental, social and governance issues will also be considered. To this end the University will:

i.        screen investments on ethical grounds, with the proviso that, if the activities of a

          company are, on ethical grounds, inconsistent with the objectives of the University, 

          then the University may choose not to invest even though this may reduce returns; 


ii.        not engage in any investment which might hamper the work of Aston, either by

          alienating financial supporters or potential financial supporters, or by having a

          material impact on applications from potential students; 


iii.        not engage in any investment which, while not excluded by virtue of i. or ii. above, is

           considered by Aston to be unethical; 


iv.        seek investment opportunities with companies who have demonstrated a positive

           record of ethical performance; 


v.        engage with companies in which it considers investing, and where appropriate use

          its influence to encourage ethical standards, practices and lines of business

          acceptable to the University; and 


vi.       monitor the University’s investments to ensure that ethical standards are



The Investment Sub-Committee will provide a forum for regular review of the University’s investments and procedures in accordance with this policy.

Approved by the Council, 24th June 2009; reviewed September 2013.

Click here for a PDF version of the policy. 

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