Environmental Policy

Our environmental policy will inspire us to meet, support, influence and raise awareness to reflect latest environmental practice. This will be through the implementation of an environmental management system in pursuit of sustainability and continual improvement. We will seek innovative ways of meeting environmental objectives.

These include:

  • To meet and, where appropriate, exceed all relevant UK, European and international legislative and regulatory requirements and agreements

  • To support continuous environmental improvement by establishing demanding and measurable environmental performance targets, specially related to energy, transport and materials, which are reviewed regularly and reported upon at least annually

  • Requiring our suppliers and contractors to ensure that goods and services procured support our environmental policy

  • Raising awareness within the Aston University community to ensure that everyone recognises and respects their environmental responsibilities and acts accordingly

  • To prevent all kinds of pollution through reduced waste, reduced emissions and responsible disposal

These sustainability values will be fully embedded within our community, our research and our teaching.

This policy will be reviewed annually. Last reviewed 29th September 2015, during the annual environment management review by SAWG.

Click here for a PDF version of the policy.

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