Education for Sustainable Development

Aston 2020 Strategy

Sustainability and social responsibility are issues our staff, students and stakeholders feel passionately about, and are central to how we work at Aston, and how we relate to the world around us. Sustainability and social responsibility are based on ethical values and underpinned by the idea of economic, social and environmental obligations to our range of stakeholders. The importance of this is outlined as on of our strategic aims in Aston 2020

Aim 07.03 Social responsibility and sustainability literacy

Extending across the University curriculum changes aimed at enabling all graduates to be ‘literate in social responsibility and sustainability'.

Learning and Teaching Strategy

Education for Social Responsibility and Sustainability is an explicit element in Aston University's Learning and Teaching Strategy, which is linked to the overall Aston 2020 Strategy. Sustainability will be identified and highlighted in existing modules and wherever possible be addressed both explicitly and implicitly in new ones.

The inclusion of Education for Social Responsibility and Sustainability in the student experience is outlined in section 7 of the Learning and Teaching Strategy.

Principles of Responsible Management Education

Also outlined in our Aston 2020 strategy is that the University adheres to the UN's Principles of Responsible Mamnagement Education (PRME):

Aim 07.01 Commitment to the United Nations Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME)

Improving the integration of sustainability and social responsibility by embedding our activities in this area into all aspects of University life.

Aston Business School was one of the first UK Business Schools to sign up to the UN’s “Principles of Responsible Management”. 

In implementing these principles, Aston is committed to developing SRS literate graduates, engaging in SRS research, engaging with businesses and communities and understands “that our own organisational practices should serve as examples of the values and attitudes we convey to our students” 

More information on UN PRME can be found on the Aston Business School pages.

Green Education Declaration

 Aston has signed the People&Planet Green Education Declaration (PDF), which recognises the key role of the education sector in addressing the challenge of climate change and making the transition to a low carbon economy and society.

Teaching and learning are crucial to inspire and educate the next generation of decision makers, business leaders and citizens, and equip them with the skills and knowledge to deal with the challenges of climate change. Research and innovation helps us to understand the many facets of climate change and will be central to developing ideas and technologies to mitigate and adapt to a changing climate. 


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