Biodiversity Policy

Aston University is proud of our green campus and our Sustainability Policy states that we will “develop and maintain the estate and associated landscape with due regard to environmental impact and social value”.

Our Biodiversity Policy builds on this statement; highlighting our commitment to limit the University’s negative impacts on biodiversity on campus and in the locality, to preserve, and where possible, enhance the biodiversity (habitats and species) of the University campus.  

 The University will achieve this by upholding the following objectives:

  • Raise awareness amongst staff and students of the importance of biodiversity on campus through events, displays and volunteering activities.
  • Support the University Wildlife Group to record and protect species on campus.
  • Incorporate the principles of conservation into estate planning and management, preserving and enhancing existing habitats where possible. In particular, operations should be timed to minimise impact on breeding, feeding and hibernating species.
  • Identify opportunities to conserve and create new biodiversity habitats, with particular focus on native species and wildlife paths through campus.
  • Work with new and existing partners to sustain and enhance biodiversity in the University and within the community.
  • Ensure sympathetic management techniques continue to be used to avoid disturbance wildlife, and to stimulate natural habitats and encourage native species.
  • Implement specialist protective measures for vulnerable species and monitor their population.

The policy will be implemented, monitored and reviewed by the Aston Campus Wildlife Group and the Sustainable Aston Working Group (reporting to the University Executive). The policy will be supported by Aston’s 5-year Biodiversity Action Plan.

Approved by University Executive, June 2010; reviewed September 2015.

Click here for a PDF version of the policy.

The Biodiversity Policy is supported by the 5 year Biodiversity Action Plan which can be viewed here.

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