Top 10 tips - work

Follow these tips to go a shade greener…

1.   Reduce paper
Think before you print and use double side printing whenever you can. Add a message at the bottom of your email signature, encouraging people to do the same: 
 Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail

2.   Switch off lights
When you leave a room, or see any lights left on which are not needed, switch them off. At Aston we are working on fitting occupancy sensors to refurbished areas, but in the meantime everyone can do their bit.

3.   Turn off your PC
If you’re going to be away from your desk for more than 20 minutes, shut down your computer and monitor (at the mains if possible). You can also change the computer energy settings to reduce energy use, for example by setting the sleep mode to come on sooner.

4.   Make your own lunch
Cut down on packaging and save money by bringing lunch to work with you. This is also a great way of using up leftovers, and allows you to ensure that everything you eat is fresh and healthy.

5.   Recycle
Use the recycling boxes provided; around campus there is now a range of recycling bins in place, offering facilities to recycle glass, cans and plastic bottles as well as paper and cardboard. For more information check out the Aston A-Z Recycling Guide.

6.   Mug for Life
Buy an Aston Mug for Life to use in the catering outlets as well as in your own office. This will reduce the need for paper and plastic vending cups. Alternatively, bring in your own reusable glass.

7.   Drink tap water
Chill tap water rather than using bottled water for meetings. Plumbed in water coolers are now available to replace the large water bottles, for more information look at the University Buyers Guide.

8.   Cycle to work
Check out the new cycle salary sacrifice scheme run through payroll, or for more information about cycling in general take a look at our Bicycle Users Group (AstBUG).

9.   Drive greener
Try leaving your car at home from time to time and see how you get on. We’ve tried to make this even easier, by providing a City Car Club car which you can hire for as little as an hour, perfect for business travel. Or join our car share scheme and share lifts, saving money and reducing carbon emissions.

10.   Take the stairs
Lifts use a huge amount of energy, so if you can, try taking the stairs instead. You’ll be reducing the building’s energy use, and keeping fit at the same time! The same logic applies to the electronically assisted doors as well.

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