Getting started...

If you've just signed up as a Go Green Champion the first thing you'll need to do is download this year's Action Pack. This contains all the criteria which you will be scored on and you'll need to complete it to be in with a chance to be crowned Gold, Silver or Bronze winner. The Action Pack is available clicking the link on the left.

There are also lots of other documents available for you to download which should be useful in helping you to complete the action pack and to get other members of your team involved. You can still download and use these even if you haven't signed up as a Go Green Champion.

"Your Go Green Champion is..." Poster

Environmental Assessment Template

Go Green Audit Form

Shutdown Checklist

Estates Helpdesk Poster

Go Green Top Tips Poster

Switch Off Stickers

Go Green Posters (set of 4 - waste, energy, travel and food)

"Use the stairs" Poster

Carbon Trust Energy saving Posters (set of 4 - computer, heating, lighting and air conditioning)

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research