1. How does it work?
    Go Green Champions is an environmental competition. It comprises a list of criteria with each delivering a practical action that will help your department to reduce its impact on the environment. Departments simply work through the list of criteria marking those that they meet, and in doing so collect points along the way. 

  2. How are the awards calculated?
    At the end of the competition, the top three highest scoring teams will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. There will also be one bonus prize; to encourage departments to think outside the box with their greening efforts, The Go Green Champions Award will go to the department that the E&S Team believe have gone above and beyond in the campaign.

  3. What happens if more than one person signs up from one department?
    The action pack will be sent to all the people who have requested to sign up to the competition, and these individuals will be put in touch with each other so they can work together. However, if you are a large department, you may wish to break down into a number of teams. Nothing like encouraging a bit of healthy intra-departmental competition after all...

  4. Will all departments be measured the same, regardless of size or staff?
    We plan on measuring all departments equally, because most of the criteria are not dependant on staff numbers. However, if you feel that your department would be at a disadvantage, then why not contact a colleague and see if two smaller departments would like working together? This would work particular well if you share office space or have similar responsibilities. As long as you inform us of this, we can look into it and if it doesn't disadvantage other teams, then we will be happy for you to work like this.

  5. Is this the same for the schools?
    This goes the same for schools and school groups - recognising that the schools are different sizes, we would suggest initially that the school groups work separately to encourage a bit of healthy competition. However if you feel that this won't work for you, please contact us and we can discuss this.

  6. When is the sign-up deadline?
    We ask that all departments have signed up before Christmas. However, the earlier you sign up, the earlier you'll be able to get started - the early bird catches the worm!

  7. What is the deadline for completing the action pack?
    The competition will run for the course of the academic year, so action packs will need to be completed by summer 2013. The action packs will then be marked, checked and, in some cases, audited, before the Awards are given out.

  8. How much time will we need to complete the action pack?
    The action pack shouldn't take up too much of your time. It is designed to be completed by the department, not by an individual so the workload should be shared by a number of people. Almost all of the questions can be answered with a simple Yes / No so it is fairly simple to complete.

  9. Will we get any help with completing the action pack?
    Yes. Their are lots of resources available online and you can contact other Champions for advice (if they are willing to help - it is a competition after all!). And of course, the Environment & Sustainability Team are always available to answer your queries, contact them via email on environment@aston.ac.uk. 

You will find further guidance on how to complete specific sections and questions on the first pages of the action pack, but please contact us in the meantime if there is anything that you would like to ask.

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