Departmental Electricity Saving League

Energy League Table
Energy League Table


The Departmental Electricity League Table was launched in August 2012 in order to focus individual departments into reducing their electricity usage. All heads of departments and schools were given targets to hit for each month of the 2012/13 financial year. These targets were based on what they used in the previous year minus 4%.

Where actual metering has been installed, then this was used in the consumption figures. Where there are a number of departments occupying buildings, and only the building is meters then the percentage floor area of the department was worked out and proportioned with the usage.

This year’s league for the academic year(2012/2013) has finished and to the left are the results in order of the largest savers.

Congratulations to ISA for coming first followed by the Library in second and the Estates and Capital Development department in third.



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