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Bike Thefts!

User AvatarPosted by Kathy Hopkin at 11/10/2012 15:55:43
D lock

There have been a number of thefts and attempted thefts on campus over the past few days. Please be vigilant and make sure that you lock your bike securely!

The best type of lock to use is a D-Lock. No bike secured with one of these has ever been stolen from campus.

If you are a member of AstBUG, you can buy a D-Lock from security at a discounted rate of just £10! West Midlands Police also recommend registering your bike and other valuable possessions on immobilise.

Make sure you use one of the designated cycle shelters on campus. These are all positioned in places with regular footfall, reducing the chance of an opportunist thief targeting your bike. Our Sustainable Transport Campus Map shows the location of all shelters.

Also ensure that your lock is through the frame of the bike, and not just secured to a wheel. There are more tips on keeping your bike secure here.


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