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The Big Fair Bake

User AvatarPosted by Kathy Hopkin at 05/10/2012 16:22:37
Big Fair Bake

The Big Fair Bake has been running from 24th September, through to this Sunday 7th October.

Today, our Energy Manager Andrew brought in rocky road for the team, made using Fairtrade Brazil nuts, Fairtrade chocolate and Fairtrade syrup. They were so popular that we didn't even get chance to take a photo of them before they all got eaten, so they must have been good!

It doesn't matter that the Big Fair Bake is coming to an end, any time is a good time to make the switch to Fairtrade products. When you go shopping, look out for Fairtrade options for tea, coffee, sugar, bananas, chocolate and other confectionary items. And it's not just food - think about checking for Fairtrade cotton next time you need a wardrobe update. Nomads, People Tree and Traidcraft all sell a wide range of Fairtrade clothing.

Aston University is committed to Fairtrade and has been a Fairtrade University since 2007. Details of how we support and promote Fairtrade are outlined in our Fairtrade policy. We also have a Fairtrade Steering Group, made up of both staff and students, that ensure the range of Fairtrade products on offer at the university is as extensive as possible. Whenever you buy a drink from Cafe Tierra or Dolce Vita, you can be assured that the tea, coffee and sugar will all be Fairtrade!

If you want to get involved, the Fairtrade Steering Group is always looking for new members - you can find out how to get in touch here.


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