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Recycling at Aston

User AvatarPosted by Kathy Hopkin at 27/07/2012 14:25:24
Recycling bins

With graduations complete and students gone home for the summer, it's eerily quiet in Aston Triangle at the moment. All apart from the Environment Team that is, who are as busy as ever working on some great projects for the new year!

A big focus for 2012/13 is waste and recycling, and looking at how we can enable and encourage both staff and students to do their bit to increase our recycling rates. We'll be redesigning our posters to make sure they're as clear as possible to let you know what should go in each bin. We've also got the wonderful Student Switch Off on board to help us with increasing recycling rates in our halls of residences. And there have even been rumours of a giant recyclometer being bandied around.....

But what we really want is some feedback from you. Do you find it easy to recycle on campus? Are there enough bins and do you know what goes where? And most importantly, what could we do to make life easier for you? We received some great suggestions through the Aston Innovation programme on how to improve, but we're keen to hear more. Especially if there's something that you think makes it hard for you to recycle your waste on campus. We won't be offended - if you think we're doing something wrong, please let us know!!!


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