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Book swop

User AvatarPosted by Rebecca Smith at 25/03/2014 09:09:33

Due to the success of the book swop in 'Go Green Week' the library will be holding another day of swopping on Thursday 27th - Friday 28th March, in the library foyer. Bring a book you've already read and enjoyed and swop it for a new one - simple! What a perfect way to reuse!

Car share anyone?!

Posted by Rebecca Smith at 20/03/2014 15:29:36
Ever thought about car sharing? Like the idea but unsure how it could work? Well we would love to hear from you!! We are looking into the possibility of creating a car share scheme here at Aston University but are currently trying to ascertain if there is much interest. If you would like to find out more (no commitment to join/get involved!) then please email the Energy, Environment & Sustainability Team here.

'Go Green Week'

Posted by Rebecca Smith at 20/03/2014 14:33:26

So.. Go Green Week is over for another year! For those of you who weren't aware (and I'm not sure how you could have missed it!) Go Green Week was a week long of event from the 10th - 14th February to inspire and engage with staff and students at Aston University.

We had lots of events to cater for everyone's tastes - from getting a look at Aston's green roof and solar panels (on a rainy Monday!), a comedy night ran by The Students' Union on Thursday with the popular Tom Stade, to a tour around the 'European Bioenergy Research Institute' (commonly known as EBRI) to see whats happening inside, and everything inbetween!  We have had numerous entries for our 'Green Aston Photography Competition' and now we have the hard task of deciding which photos will be the winners and receive some top 'eco' prizes!

All in all, Go Green Week was a great success - a big thank you to everyone that helped us and to those that attended the events! Click here to read a review of the week's events.

See you next year Go Green Week!! ;)

'Go Green Week' - Anne's travel blog

Posted by Rebecca Smith at 19/02/2014 10:42:28

As part of  'Go Green Week', Anne, a Go Green Champion from the library, has kindly volunteered to swop her car to the train as part of being 'greener' and reducing her carbon footprint.

To read her diary entries for the week, please click here..

Thanks to Anne for swopping her usual car journey for a more sustainable transport mode for 'Go Green Week!' Hopefully this will encourage more of us to make the swop from the car- as Anne has proven there are many advantages and catching the train can be a nice experience!

Still alive and kicking

Posted by Andrew Murray at 03/12/2013 16:19:00

Well now it’s over and looking back it wasn’t too hard. I know it was only a week and my meals may have become repetitive if I continued for much longer but I survived…

The biggest impact I noticed was that my recovery time following exercise was much longer. There are plenty of vegan athletes and body builders so it mustn’t be that hard, I’m just assuming my body is adapted to a higher protein diet so struggled with the lower concentrations of protein in vegetables. Other than that it was all good in the hood.

One thing I did notice is the amount of people who think you’re crazy, especially when you start listing what you can’t have. As well as, the most common response to any vegetarian/vegan – “bacon is good”.

Starting to consider that if I can manage my first week full on vegan I should be able to carry on. Although maybe switching to vegetarian for a few months first or just not defining myself through a strict diet. Maybe behaving vegan and vegetarian in general but with the odd use of leather, occasionally eating high quality meat; some milk/cheese now and then would be nearly as good regarding environmental/animal welfare without having such a significant impact on my life.

Maybe if current vegetarians/vegans weren’t so strict about their habits or embraced others who aren’t as good as them, the general population would be able to adopt certain practices or at least re-consider their habits without being forced to conform to other people’s ideas or what is or isn’t allowed. An example being at a BBQ and being ordered to use entirely different utensils for the meat and non-meat products, as many of us may have experienced. Or eating honey, yeah it does exploit bees and feeding them sugar to replace the lost honey could have a detrimental effect on their colony. However it does support a vital ecosystem service. Where does the balance between greater good and do no harm lie?

Unless there is some strict religious reason then chilling out about rules regarding food and products, could do a great benefit. Everyone will be happier and maybe you’d attract more people to your way of thinking rather than alienating or confining them as those who are vegan/vegetarian and those who aren’t. There’s a middle ground which if everyone was able to adopt would have a much greater impact global impact. I’d love the world to be clear cut in every decision needed but it’s not and that’s life, maybe it’s best to make the best decisions I can, knowing some may turn out to be wrong in hindsight but at least they were made with good intensions.

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